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Close your eyes, envision the jewelry of your dreams. 
The one treasure you’ve always wanted but never 
attained because of time, price, or whatever reasons. 

Now, look in your jewelry box, see that jewelry you 
never wear or are tired of. These unwanted items 
could be traded to get you the  jewelry of your dreams.


Thursday 26th | 10am-7pm

Friday 27th | 10am-7pm

Saturday 28th | 10am-5pm

What makes us different? 

Other jewelers and scrap gold stores melt down your items or just buy for the gold and diamonds, which yield you a lower payout.  Since Siegel Jewelers has the largest selection of Estate Jewelry in West Michigan and the majority of the items come from trade-in's we can offer you more for your items. 

When we purchase items from the public we can create a larger collection of budget friendly and extremely unique jewelry. When you sell to Siegel Jewelers you have the guarantee of the highest trade-in amount in West Michigan and the piece of mind that Siegel's has been around since 1889. 

Trade-in examples

Use your old diamond studs to pay for an upgrade to larger diamond studs | Trade in your engagement ring from a past relationship for a new right hand ring | Trade old scrap gold for cash or credit | It's up to you! 

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