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Mention this ad & receive an additional $25 trade-in value. 

Close your eyes, envision the jewelry of your dreams. The one treasure you’ve always wanted but never attained because of time, price, or whatever reasons. 

    Now, look in your jewelry box, see that jewelry you never wear or are tired of. These unwanted items could be traded to get you the  jewelry of your dreams.

How do you decided what jewelry to trade? 

  • If you haven’t worn it in the last year
  • If it is broken 
  • If your tastes have changed

…BRING IT INTO SIEGEL JEWELERS during Trading Days from Thursday, October 16th- Saturday, October 18th!

    Yes, it is that easy.

When you bring in the unwanted jewelry, we evaluate what we can give you in trade. Need some examples of how trades can work? Here you go…


Trade your 1/4 carat diamond earrings in for 1/2 carat diamond earrings 

Custom Design

Trade in your unwanted jewelry for a custom designed piece using your original stones

Down payments

Trade in your old jewelry as a payment on the new jewelry you desire

Why sell your jewelry and watches to Siegel Jewelers? 

Well, there is no better place in America to trade-in your jewelry because

We can SELL your jewelry vs melting it down

We sell A LOT of estate jewelry (largest selection in West Michigan)

We have our own on-premise shop to bring used jewelry back to like- new condition

We have a combination of skills and knowledge for trading based on being in business for 125 years