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siegel’s Watch Clinic


keeping time is where it all started…

Joseph Siegel (our founder) learned watchmaking from his father in Russia, and brought those skills to Michigan when Grand Rapids needed it most. Since then we have kept up the spirit of fine watches.

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Our team of experts can fix and restore thousands of different types of watches. We restore 200 year old pocket watches, $20,000 diamond studded watches, and your kids favorite $20 watch too.


Staffed with state-of-the-art watch repair specialists at Siegel Jewelers, watches of all brands are welcomed for repairs. Whether it’s a wristwatch, pocket watch, stopwatch, clock or any other timepiece, our craftsmen and women are ready to provide the best services. 


At Siegel Jewelers we proudly carry the highest quality of premium batteries. Furthermore, we offer a display of battery warranties to fit your watch needs. With the warranty, you can be assured that when your timepiece stops ticking, you will have a quick and simple battery replacement and repair.  

Offering a full range of services, here is a list of our top watch maintenance:

  • Battery replacement

  • Watch band repair and sizing

  • Cleaning

  • Stem and crown repair

  • Crystal replacement

  • Gasket replacement

  • Water resistance test