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View our 10 dogs we are trying to sponsor during Bark for Bling: 

Titan came to Mackenzie's after being the 2nd dog found by Ionia County that was severely 

emaciated; the first dog did not survive. Titan was also emaciated, bradycardiac (slow Heart 

rate), hypothermal and his gums were pale and blue. He was immediately taken to the Animal 

Clinic. Their immediate conclusion was malnutrition and starvation. We would wait for further 

testing to see if he would put on weight. After 3 weeks Titan's attitude had improved but he was 

not putting on weight as he should.

After further testing, Titan was diagnosed with Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency, inability to 

properly digest food due to a lack of digestive enzymes made by the pancreas. Titan has to have 

a special enzyme sprinkled on EVERYTHING he eats to make sure he can absorb the nutrients 

from the food. This condition can lead to diabetes, so he will be monitored for this also.

Please Sponsor Titan today!


Rudy loves to have a good time rolling in the snow or grass, getting butt scratches, going face 

first into a crate full of Kong toys, or going for a walk. He is packed full of character. We have 

been working with him and have found that he is very treat motivated, often not being able to 

Rudy had some intense issues with allowing people to take his toys, or anything he deemed a 

toy. He will take some time to get over his issue. In the meantime, he needs a sponsor while we 

work with him and provide him a full, enriched life. His D.O.B is 09/02/09

Ariel came to Mackenzie's back in 2004. She has yet to overcome her fear issues with strangers. 

She's what we call a "fear biter". She doesn't bite to be mean, she just get's so scared. We think 

that she was abused in her previous home. She can also be protective of her space and things.

It's just so sad. But, over time Ariel has opened up to some of the advanced staff at Mackenzie's. 

She loves to play catch and even does some tricks! We just think that she is too afraid to trust 

anyone other than the staff at Mackenzie's. Maybe it's because we treat her so well — thanks to 

your support!

Please Sponsor Ariel today!

Hi, my name is Howie. My friends call me HUNGRY Howie!!!! I'm two years old. Everyone

calls me Hungry because I love food. I was starved in a garage in a neighborhood for three 

months. The only way I survived is the neighborhood kids came and gave me food scraps. I don't 

know if my owner forgot about me or just decided to be very very cruel. I made it, though.

So now I hate to take my head out of the food bowl until I have eaten every last drop! I have 

lots of playful (sort of like a steamroller) energy. That's why older kids would be a must. I try to 

eat everything so no toys without supervision is good. I would do great with someone to take an 

active interest in me to teach me my manners and just give me lots of love and attention. 

Hola - My name is Tres. You know, like uno, dos, tres! They named me that because I'm a tri-
pod, I only have three legs!

I don't like to talk about it, but I think you should know how I became "Tres". I was an abuse 

case. My previous owners ran me over with their car. I thought it was an accident but they did 

not bring me to the veterinarian to be check out. It was pretty bad. Later on, when I was hiding 

underneath our porch, the police came to the house for a domestic disturbance and noticed 

me hiding. I was so scared. They called the local animal control and they came and rescued 

me. However, it was to late for my back leg. They did everything they could, but they had to 

amputate it. 

Since then, I have bounced around from one foster home to the next. I guess you humans just 

sort of freak me out... But I recently made my way to Mackenzie's and there are a few people 

there that I really like so far.

Right now I am just on the road to recovery and hoping to one day be able to trust people again. 

Because I sure would love to be back into a nice warm home.

Please Sponsor Tres today!


Hello, My name is Stella, and I’m what you call a fear biter. Sudden movements or loud noises 

startle me so bad that my reaction is to bite. I love to be around people as long as we are in calm 

environment, I also get along fine with other dogs.

Mackenzie’s is my home and a wonderful one at that, without them I don’t even want to imagine 

where I’d be. Please consider sponsoring me today!

Hi, my name is Button. This is because I am sweet as a Button! My D.O.B is 01/16/04 and I 

weigh around 46 lbs. I made a long trip to Lake Odessa from New Orleans in 2005 after being 

rescued from Hurricane Katrina. I sure do love Mackenzies, but I would love to experience a 

new life in a home with carpet and a TV. I am pretty picky, so I need an experienced adopter 

that really isn't much on dog parks. I'd prefer just to be with you and cuddle. I don't need lots of 

company when it comes to other dogs, cats or children. I would rather just go on long walks, and 

keep you company watching TV at night. I'll let you know if I hear anything outside. I love toys 

and would love to play with you!!!

Simon is an old dog set in his ways and slowing learning new tricks... like accepting strangers

and being petted. He is a great companion for a slow easy going walk or some relaxing doggy 

butt scratches.

He can be a real jabber jaw though. He will tell you when he wants attention by "talking” to you. 

He also "talks" when if he trips on something or a dog bumps into him. Simon is the Grumbly 

Old Man. Give Simon a plushy toy he turns into a puppy again. Until Simon starts to accept 

strangers he will need a sponsor. His D.O.B is 12/29/02


Tatiana was in the national news when discovered bound, beaten, and left to die in Lansing. 

Capital Area did a great job finding and prosecuting the previous owner.

After being evaluated, Capital Area did not feel that it would be safe to place Tatiana out in the 

community. Just recently Mackenzie's accepted Tatiana into the Mack Pack. Due to her complex 

behavior issues we are determining the proper interactions, enrichments and activities to give 

Tatiana to heighten her quality of life and leave her devastating story in the past.


I'm Patches, DOB 12/12/2007. I'm a sweet and loving girl that has had a very unfortunate past, 

one that is very difficult to discuss. But since I'm looking for a forever family I guess I have to be 

honest and open about my prior life.

To make a long story short, I was part of an abuse case; I was starved, weighing only 18 

pounds, tied up outside and left alone. I was finally taken away from that environment 

and placed in a fostered home until I was well enough to come to Mackenzie's. They 

said I was just great in their home and they also said I was housebroken too! Due to my 

distressing past a home without other animals or young children would be great for me.