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Choose a basic appraisal and receive a FREE verbal assessment of how much your items are worth. Often times people will get a basic appraisal on gemstones. 

With this appraisal, you can also find out how much we would pay you for your item and you can decide to either sell it to us or trade it with another piece of jewelry we have at the store. 


With the option of deluxe appraisal you receive full documentation of the insurance appraisal including a copy to send to insurance with photos. Most individuals choose the deluxe appraisal for their valuable or unique items. 


Each year Siegel Jewelers offers 3 days of free professional verbal jewelry appraisal by one of our certified gemologists or appraisers.

What is an appraisal? 

Find out how much your precious possessions are worth with our in-store jewelry appraisals. Bring in a piece of vintage jewelry passed down from your great grandmother or bring in a unique watch you found at a garage sale--we'll tell you how much it is worth on the spot! If you decide you would like to sell it, we can help there too!  

Why choose siegel jewelers?

Our certified appraisers have trained eyes and have been working in a business of jewelry for over 125 years! After working with jewelry for so long, we have seen it all. Plus, we are well-versed with the organic material making up everything ranging from sterling silver to pure gold. With Siegel Jewelers, you can trust that you will get an exact estimate every time. 


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