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Diamond Brilliance


Diamond Brilliance


You have heard the 4 C’s Cut, Clarity, Carat, and Color, but there is something more important.

The one “B”, Brilliance!


It’s the amount of bling, shine, presentation… It’s “the thing” that is the most important, yet the least discussed. You have to see it to know it.

The Brightness, Pattern, and Fire are the Brilliance Factors. How attractive is it? How does it show? You want your diamond to be bright, radiating, and lively.

Only by going to your local jeweler and seeing your diamond in person can you really get a sense of what it looks like. No website, photo, or video can give you the sense of what your diamond is really like.

How can you know your diamond’s personality if you haven’t met it in person!

But, there are a few more important details. The way your diamond is set, the way that it is displayed, and what it has around it will make a big difference to how it performs when you are out and about. Having a diamond that has good C’s is nice, but it is only one small step in how it will shine for the next hundred years. Work with a knowledgable jeweler who will help you put together the right diamond and complementary setting that will wow from across the room .



Gems are a gift from the earth

When on a diet, you might not keep to the diet 100%, but every salad you have is a step in the right direction. The same is with Ethically Sourced Gold and Gems! Your whole store might not be 'green' but why not one showcase? I think the problem is that the mining and sourcing problems seem so big, thatjewelers are too paralyzed to do ANYTHING. You don't need to save the planet, but EACH responsible gem you buy is a step closer to a healthier world.





to being a Responsible Jeweler




 Baby Step #1

JEWELERS - YOU Need to Believe in all the GOOD Gold, Diamonds, & Gems DO for the World, or Your Customers

Never Will!



Jewelers are afraid to claim their

jewelry as ethically sourced, or conflict

 free because in their hearts they are not really sure, but You Can Be Sure. I will introduce you to REAL SUPPLIERS you

can talk to and feel that are making

 a real difference.



Baby Step #2


Meet The People




People Connect with People. 

Show pictures of the People Your 

Jewelry comes from & your 

customers will feel more connected 





 #GoldtoBeProudof #RealGemsRealPeople



Won't it be cool to use these hashtags in your media? You can. All the Pictures of people above are Real Gem and Gold suppliers doing the right thing. It's not hard, just connect with one of them. Baby step #3 is pick one responsible source, like the dealers on the left, and connect.



Your Customer's Want This!



They want to connect with the

 jewelry they are buying. They do this  through  

people and stories




Baby Step #4


Don't You Want this in your Store Window?


The best thing is to buy from suppliers doing the right thing, but at the very least, if you just

want to something, give a donation to one of

 these great organizations then

you can tell customers you "SUPPORT Responsibly Sourced Gold and Gems"




A Million Dollar Offer


Did you know what 90% of

the World's Gold Miners

 are Artisanal?

 Not large companies. This might be a cool thing to tell customers. The not cool thing is that 20 million miners use deadly mercury to refine the gold. But today with technology and with the internet connecting people, we can end this pollution. visit Mercury free where Toby is offing a million dollar reward to help end the use of mercury. You can be part of the solution. Email Toby with any questions







You say your customers don't care about the earth or were gems come from. Well then at least you should have a hand out ready for those who DO. This is one Signet (Kays & Zales) gives out showing THEY support responsibly sourced gold and gems.



If Zales has this on hand

shouldn't you?





Why Do this?


*Might be a good source of NEW younger customers

*Don't you want to feel good about what you sell?

*Do you care what you put on your body?

*Jewelry is 100% emotion. If you can make your

  customers FEEL GOOD, you will sell more jewelry

*Something good to talk about on social media

*Just take one baby step, It's easy





Individual marketing

 Individual Marketing

I know this is not totally jewelry only related, but marketing is sort of my passion. I would like to talk about individual marketing. Some say mass marketing is dead. People want a one on one connection again. Amway & Mary Kay built an empire based on 1 on 1 sales. Facebook, Twitter & email are your new door to door. We like to think of ourselfs as personal shoppers. We Take a picture of a piece of jewelry and send it to an individual on Face book. we send an item we think they would like based on things they have bought in the past.  This makes them feel special and helps form a relationship




Know your antique cut vintage diamonds

Old stones are typically not white.

That is because most of the white stones we get in the market today come from Southern Africa - Angola, Botswana, Sierra Leone - and those mines didn't exist then. The older, yellow looking old cuts Stones were coming from Brazil and Venezuela. 






Old stones face whiter than modern cuts. As a general rule old stones face one 

or two color grades whiter. Because of their open culet, color is not trapped in the stone. 









Old Mine Cuts


  • Look More Square! 
  • Heavy crown
  • Very large Open culet
  • Very deep bottom
  • Very small table
  • Heavy, clunky look, facets not uniform


Old mine cuts were a product of the technology of the time. The diamonds, cut without the advantage of motorized machinery, followed the rough diamond's octahedral shape. 


Until the late 1800s, this created mostly square or rectangular cushion-shaped diamonds. The shape of the old stones of that time was not uniform at all, even thought they have the same number of facets, 58, as the modern round brilliant.


Old Euro Cuts


  • Open culet, but smaller than the old miner
  • Very small table
  • More even facets on the pavilion
  • Bottom half is short



In the 1900s, with the advent of motorized machinery, more evenly cut diamonds arose. It bridged the roundish old mine cut and the modern round of today. The main the difference between the cuts can be seen on the back facets. On the old European, they radiate out from a large culet pretty much evenly, like a pie would be, whereas the old miner has rays and then kite facets coming off the culet. 



the only opinion that matters

Andrew from Cincinnati says this great line. "when a diamond is sent to GIA it is given grades based on the opinion of three men, none of who's opinions matter right now. You know who's opinion matters? HERS. All that matter is what she see's when she opens that box"




The Blue Moon diamond, which sold at auction for 48 million dollars, was bought by a billionaire for his 7 year-old daughter. Which raises the disturbing question, 
'Did that guy cheat on his daughter?'"



Don't assume people can or can not afford something

an error many of us selling jewelry make is  the assumption a customer can't afford something, or it would be irresponsible of them to buy it. If your staff can't imagine themselves owning the items they sell, then it will be hard for them to sell those expensive items to customers. The reason you are not selling more big items is because in the back of your mind you think you can't, or you would not spend $10,000 on a bracelet so you don't see how others can.


Yes $6000 might seem like a lot now, but over a life time? Over their children's life time? It's very little. $50 a year for the ring of her dreams, is much better than $20 a year for a ring she is just OK with. Yes it's expensive, but

the BEST always is.

Think of the time you bought that really nice belt, or toaster. It seemed like a lot of money at the time, but think how much use and enjoyment you have gotten out of it! In the long run quality saves you money.

Do NOT Assume.

My first big sale was to a 21 year old girl in dirty overalls who bought $8000 earrings. I know everyone here has stories like this. Even your friends might have an inheritance you don't know about. Always show the BIG diamonds 1st. You can always go smaller after that, but if you don't show the big jewelry you won't sell the big jewelry.


Jewelry is great!

What else can you wear for 100 years? People need art and beauty in their lives. Believe more in jewelry and diamonds and you will sell more. Did you know the diamond industry supports 10 million people around the world? It's easy to sell something when you believe in your proud



Selling back your jewelry

It is never easy to let go. The wedding ring used to mean so much, but in the end it is time. Siegel Jewelers pays more than any jeweler around for gold and diamonds. We will give you an estimate 1st and if you want to consign or leave your item with us then we can try to get you even more money. We are always trying to do all we can to make you happy. We are the largest estate jeweler in western michigan and so come sell your jewelry to us. thanks Aleah 



What is the best shortcut you know

An apprentice once asked a wise old master goldsmith, "What is the best shortcut you know"?
They grey haired old master craftsman thought for a while, considering the hundreds of techniques and thousands of tricks he had learned. He thought and he thought, and then his eyes lit up as he settled in on the ultimate way to save time at work. Slowly he responded: "The fastest way to do anything is to do it right the first time."
Jewelery work requires great patience, in addition an unyielding commitment to precision. Think of precision and patience as partners, helping you to stay focused on achieving your goal of excellence, no matter how long it takes. Building jewelery should not be a race against time, but a journey towards quality. In the long run, your work will be judged not by how fast you completed it, but by how WELL you completed it. This requires a dedication to doing your best at every step, so that you don't waste time reworking or undoing needless mistakes.
So slow down, check your work right from the start and all along the way, and remember: What is most important is that every piece represents your very best efforts - guess blogger Robert townsen



why diamond certificates are not important


Many customers demand

a cert but they do not even know what one is! Remind them that the purpose of a certificate is to "describe

the gem." That is all. It does

NOT insure quality.




Many customers feel a certification

is a guarantee or warranty. It is not! All MAJOR LAB REPORTS STATE: 


"This certificate is NOT an appraisal, guarantee, or warranty."




Diamond grading

is NOT a science. 

It simply reports

the professional OPINION of that

grader, at that time. 

Ask your customer  "If all a cert is, is just the opinion of    one gemologist, on one particular day, why should it be so important?"



    I have framed on my wall copies

of CERTIFICATES WITH DIFFERENT GRADES on the same diamond, from

the same lab! You should too. Show these to your

customer. Even the best

labs can give different

grades to the SAME stone. 

Why should a cert be so important if it is so volatile?

Tell your customer "Even within

a lab, there is a range of opinions

on grades! This shows grading is

open to interpretation. However I will personally spend time with you showing you the actual diamond so you can be the most informed buyer."












    You're the Expert!

Remind your customer that all a cert is, 

is the opinion of one gemologist. Why is

that person's opinion valued higher than yours?! You are the one who has had a

store that contributes to the community for the

last 30 years. You

are the one with all the good reviews.

In fact you have

years of actual on

the job jewelry experience where

the lab tech does not! Ask your customer "Why the stranger sitting in a lab somewhere is more qualified to grade a diamond than you are?" "Why should we pay a stranger a

few hundred dollars for something you

will do for free?" Remind them YOU

are the expert!



banks are buying diamonds as an investment

In Italy, bank customers can do something that many in North America would find strange — buy diamonds.

As Reuters explains, diamond brokers work through several banks throughout the country. The deals generated sales of more than $320 million last year.

But investigators are looking into the practice, Reuters reports. The investigation follows a report by state news channel Rai3 that “several banks sold diamonds as financial products in bank branches at twice the market price.”

Reuters quoted a spokesman with the The Italian Securities and Exchange Commission (CONSOB) saying:

“We are reassessing the whole subject again to see whether we need to act at a regulatory level or with specific recommendations, if there are gray areas or a regulatory gap we need to fill, or if there have been abuses that need to be referred to judiciary authorities



crazy jewelry story

A couple comes in together (let's call them Mike and Stephanie). Mike is ready to spend about $20k, which is a LOT of money for a young couple, and I'm showing them rings in that range, but Stephanie keeps pushing for more, and more, and MORE. Finally, with enough begging, pleading, smiles, and thinly veiled sexual promises, she talks him into a 3 carat center diamond, with an elaborate setting, for around $30k. Honestly, I don't feel great about having to witness this whole exchange, but at the end of the day, it's none of my business, so I complete the transaction.

About 3 weeks later, Stephanie comes to my office alone. I assume she needs the ring re-sized or something, but instead she asks me if I can remove the center diamond and replace it with a CZ (cubic zirconia, a very cheap diamond substitute). I'm surprised, so I stammer "sure, but why? Are you traveling or something and don't want to risk the stone?" She responds that it's nothing like that, she just prefers to have the CZ in there for now.

Obviously, every red flag in existence is waving in front of my eyes at this point, so I say OK, take her ring, and tell her she can come back in a day or two to pick it up with the CZ in it. But as soon as she's out the door, I'm dialing Mike. After all, HE'S the one who wrote me a $30k check, so HE'S my customer, not HER. Mike picks up, and after a moment of small talk, I ask him if he knows what Stephanie is up to. "NO!" is the shocked response.

Mike called me back the next day and told me that apparently Stephanie was planning to call off the engagement and return the ring, but keep the 3 carat diamond. He was obviously very upset, and asked me if I could give him a refund. I offered my sympathy, and gave him back his money. Needless to say, he was very grateful that I had called him.

About 2 years later, Mike came back with another woman who I liked much better. They're happily married with two kids now. Mike and I have become friends, and he's probably referred me 10+ other customers over the years. As for Stephanie, after she left my office that day, I never saw her again.



Why do I get so little money when I sell back my ruby?

 Why do I get so little money when I sell back my ruby?

My friend Ankur tells me that the market is flooded with TREATED GEM stones. These are gem stones that have been altered to look better. This has causes the price of most colored gems to drop dramatically. It costs more money to sort them, than to cut new gems. 

Matt Winward of MD Diamonds buys otc (over the counter) color, but he says it is very difficult because gemstones that have been in rings are most likely damaged.
Matt says the cost and time fix a gem makes it cost prohibitive. Also, it is capital intensive to buy color. Not just the initial purchase, but also expensive in terms of education, equipment, and trustworthy people



The price of Lab-Made Diamonds is dropping fast

Ever bought something at full price, only to find it went on sale the next day? You felt like a sucker right? You will be giving your customer the same felling if you sell them lab-made diamonds.

The Price of Synthetic Diamonds is Collapsing

       Besides the LIE that they are more ethical, the price of lab-made diamonds is plummeting. My friend was shown a parcel of 1ct rounds for $1500 on Monday and then on Tuesday they were $1100! The price dropped $400 in a day. Soon they will be the price of CZ's. What are you going to tell your customer who comes in a year from now and wants to sell back their diamond? How can you build consumer confidence selling something for $3000 today that will be worth $100 next year. Helzberg Jewelers stopped selling them. Maybe you want to think twice before you do.....

The point of an engagement ring is to give your love a something of value. Synthetics are not a store of value. "The market for synthetic diamonds is EVIL and consumers that buy them are SUCKERS. 7

million people rely on diamonds. Synthetics take bread out of the mouths of the poorest people in the world."  -Martin Rapaport

    What's a Jeweler to Do?

I get it. I'm cheap. But there are lots of options on how you can source and sell a diamond for less. Too many people think diamonds are controversial or some how bad. We need to stand up for natural diamonds. Instead of running to get a lab-diamond who's price will drop before you even ring up the sale, try to convince them of the merits of natural diamonds. 




Gift giving for guys

  When giving a gift, how many times have you heard, "Wow! How did you know it's what I really wanted?" Not often, if you're like most people. That's because the art of gift giving draws on two elusive qualities -- being a good listener and knowing what she loves.

  Listening means shutting off your, "can't-wait-to-get-back-to-the-game" voice and giving her your full attention guys! Also, knowing what she loves may take some stealth investigation! Follow her on Pinterest or Instagram to get a sense of her style or to view that special bling she "likes." Shopping for your wife/girlfriend should be exciting! Find someone who can ask the right questions to refine your choice of a gift according to her tastes. A great salesperson (or one of her trustworthy friends) can help you create the perfect gift. Keep it reasonable. Taking out a sec ond mortgage to buy a shiny adornment may not make her happy. But, creating a magic moment and setting it in stone will be a gift that keeps on giving.

Jaron is the fifth generation at Siegel Jewelers

Jaron is the fifth generation at Siegel Jewelers



trust your eyes

I have not thought this out, but here it goes. Have you heard about how people think they like expensive wine but when they take a blind taste test of wine they actually prefer the least expensive? I have also heard that musicians say they prefer Stradivarius or older musical instrument makers but when blindfolded they chose newer made instruments. I wonder if the same is with diamonds? People think they want a certain thing on a piece of paper like VS1 or XXX but if they just used their eyes to tell tell what is prettier that would be the best choice



Why vs diamonds are not the best use of your diamond dollar

Why vs diamonds are not the best use of your diamond dollar


Buying a VS Diamonds is like paying for a NICE INSIDE OF A SHIRT


You don't see the inside of a shirt.

Your Friends don't see the inside of the shirt.


you know its nice, but you are paying money for something that is never seen! And has little effect on beauty.



the color of the diamond is the WHOLE STONE. 

the cut is the whole stone,

clarity is just a small portion. 


With a diamond, many guys put money into clarity, when the WOMAN would much rather enjoy a higher color or size.