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Inquire about brokering your jewelry below.

Typically reserved for pieces exceeding $5,000, and collections valued over $10,000.

*Purchasing, trade-ins, and consignment are offered for your jewelry 6 days per week at our Grand Rapids location.

Highest Quality, Lowest Cost

If we can't sell it in our store we know someone who can. Siegel's has worked with hundreds of other jewelry stores and brokers to sell rare and expensive items. 

If you have items that are extra special Siegel's will do all the paperwork and make sure that you get what you deserve for your items. 

We also offer Consignment. If you have expensive and rare jewelry that you want to get the most out of, Siegel's will refurbish, clean, and appraise, then sell your jewelry as our own, and pay you a larger sum at the tenth of the proceeding month of the sale. 

Of course we have cash and other payment offers for your jewelry available in our store. 

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