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The Siegel Family has generations of experience with diamonds. We've seen it all. Aleah Siegel (5th generation) is a gemologist who works in the Diamond District in Chicago, and is our premiere diamond supplier. 

A diamond is likely the oldest, smallest, and most valuable small "thing" you will ever own. Diamonds hold real power in their beauty, charm, and elegance... Nothing can compare to an authentic diamond. Mined from deep in the earth, expertly sculpted to reveal its brilliance, and set into a timeless piece of art to recognize commitment, uniqueness, longevity, success... 

There is no wonder why diamonds are one of the world's most universal currencies, and most widely valued assets.

Sources: Our diamond suppliers follow the industry standard safeguards to ensure that diamonds have legitimate certificates of origin. Keep in mind that diamonds have been in circulation since before certifications began, and it is impossible to track every diamond. Siegel's is committed to conflict free sources. We provide you with all of the detailed records of your stone and free official appraisals upon diamond purchases over $500.  

Lab Created Diamonds are available at Siegel’s. From colored diamonds, to the best new creations, we can find a synthetic stone that looks exactly how you want it to. Check out our LaFonn line of Lassaire lab created diamond Jewelry. 


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Diamond Appraisal Detail Sheet

Bridal / Engagement rings

Bridal / Engagement rings