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Maria G, Custom Queen Bee 


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Title: Custom Queen Bee and Buyer

Specialty: Custom Design with CounterSketch CAD program, Impossible Tasks, Jewelry Buying, Untangling Chains, Organizing Anything, Designer Knowledge, Customer Engagement Ring Finder.

Years at Siegel Jewelers: 

Hobbies and Interest: Spending quality time with family and friends, volunteering at Ada Bible Church, being apart of Ada Church Community, playing basketball, being a personal shopper for family and friends, and doing spontaneous things with friends.

Best Memory: Our most recent employee appreciation dinner, Mr. Siegel smiled and spoke with each of the current and retired employees. His kiss on my cheek, and his kind words thanking me of my time I have put into helping Siegel Jewelers, brought tears to my eyes. I love hearing the stories from employees and family members of the Siegel family because it reminds me why I work so hard for Siegel Jewelers.

If I weren't a jeweler I would have been in the retail corporate world. From buying what it is on trend to test driving break out trends, I love everything about clothing. 

You probably do not know that my nickname Mia was because my niece Taelor could not say my full name so she would call me Tia Mia. Also, my other nickname Mariposa is butterfly in spanish... my mom is the only one who is allowed to call me that name. 

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