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Wait, but first, let me take a selfie—of my engagement ring! 

What do you think about the latest engagement ring selfie trend? For centuries, women and men have been featured in engagement photos together, but nowadays people have stepped completely out of the picture in order to shine light on what really matters—the ring! 

Here are some of the most recent selfies of engagement rings have been standing out and sparking in the spotlight: 

Lauren Conrad’s ring on Instagram:



 Ashley Tisdale’s ring on Instagram:


 Kelly Osborne’s ring on Instagram:


 Jamie Lynn Spears’ ring:


 Kim Kardashian’s ring:


If you are looking to take your own engagement ring selfies there are even tips on how to set up the perfect pose for your unique diamond. According to they suggest these special selfie tips:

  • Put your hand up in the air for 30 seconds so the blood drains and     your hand looks less veiny
  • Create space between your hand and the background, so that the background blurs and the diamond is in focus
  • Catch the light so that the sparkle in the diamond is prominent 
  • Angle the shot in order to showcase the size of the diamond (from the top is a popular choice)

After using these tips you can start flashing away. Oh wait, but first… 

Let Siegel Jewelers hook you up with a dream engagement ring for your ring selfie moment!