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The trick is not the card, it's HOW you give it out. Marketing master Jim Ackerman talks about how to make gift cards work for you.


THE IDEA - Jim helped a jeweler go into fancy hair salons, car dealerships, golf stores, and other high end businesses and ASKED THEM TO INCLUDE THE JEWELER'S $100 GIFT CARD WITH THEIR CHRISTMAS CARD. The businesses were sending Christmas cards anyway so it cost them nothing, it saved he jeweler postage, it got their card to a WHOLE NEW LIST OF AFFLUENT PEOPLE and it made it look MUCH more like a gift than a promotion. BRILLIANT!


 You don't need to wait till December. You can co-op with other affluent stores now and ask that they give your gift card to deserving customers. 


Jewelers are often scared of giving away a strait gift card for say $50. They are afraid everyone will just buy $50 of items and they loose $25 at cost. But isn't it worth $25 to get NEW POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS in your store? Jewelers who have tried this say customers did spend more than $50 and it was profitable. You can't win if you don't play, and you can't win BIG if you don't play big.