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As summer approaches, and temperatures are on the rise, we usually imagine florals, bright colors, and white sundresses when it comes to our wardrobes. Although if you're anything like me, you're looking for the unexpected. You're looking for something that's always worked for you and isn't necessarily a summer color. Yes, I'm talking about the coveted dark colors. Black and dark gem tones are a part of your personal color palate and it can be difficult finding the perfect summer outfit in the menagerie of pastels in our stores. So how do you find the right outfit to suite your taste keeping your keen sense of style and your comfort (have you ever tried wearing a black tank top in 90 degree weather?NOT pleasant)

Fear not, there IS a way to do  #allblackeverything
 in your summer wardrobe without walking around fanning yourself constantly or feeling like Wednesday Adams. 

Try this sleeveless black jumpsuit from H&M for instance. This is your single-piece solution because it satisfies your color requirements while keeping those areas more prone to perspiration uncovered. Now, you can walk around the city or hit a beach BBQ without worrying about dried, white pit-stain situations by the evening. (Sorry for the visual, but you know what I'm talking about.) And, the fabric is light enough that even if you get a little sticky throughout the day, all it takes is a passing breeze to air right out. Pair it with a matching black pump or a hot unexpected unexpected color.

Another way to add essential darks to your summer wardrobes is all in the accessories. Some of my favorites are a good pair of black tennis shoes. 

Siegel Jewelers' favorite accessories to add some black in your summer wardrobe OR spice up your black wardrobe with some color is our new Andrew Hamilton Crawford pieces.

Have some great ways of incorporating dark colors in the rising temperatures? #sjstylechallenge to share!