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Ever bought something at full price, only to find it went on sale the next day? You felt like a sucker right? You will be giving your customer the same felling if you sell them lab-made diamonds.

The Price of Synthetic Diamonds is Collapsing

       Besides the LIE that they are more ethical, the price of lab-made diamonds is plummeting. My friend was shown a parcel of 1ct rounds for $1500 on Monday and then on Tuesday they were $1100! The price dropped $400 in a day. Soon they will be the price of CZ's. What are you going to tell your customer who comes in a year from now and wants to sell back their diamond? How can you build consumer confidence selling something for $3000 today that will be worth $100 next year. Helzberg Jewelers stopped selling them. Maybe you want to think twice before you do.....

The point of an engagement ring is to give your love a something of value. Synthetics are not a store of value. "The market for synthetic diamonds is EVIL and consumers that buy them are SUCKERS. 7

million people rely on diamonds. Synthetics take bread out of the mouths of the poorest people in the world."  -Martin Rapaport

    What's a Jeweler to Do?

I get it. I'm cheap. But there are lots of options on how you can source and sell a diamond for less. Too many people think diamonds are controversial or some how bad. We need to stand up for natural diamonds. Instead of running to get a lab-diamond who's price will drop before you even ring up the sale, try to convince them of the merits of natural diamonds.