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jewelers sell Something Really Valuable



It's NOT Love.... 

It's NOT Gems...


When a man gives his

true love a diamond

he is promising stability,


and most importantly, 



Men do not realize how important

Security is to a woman!  

A man does not clench his

keys tighter as he walks to

his car on a dark night.




That 's one reason why

Facebook is so popular; 

for the likes. The 'likes' 

help women feel SECURE. 





What can make a woman feel more secure than receiving

a diamond?!


It's eternal. Also it represents

his willingness to sacrifice money for her. Her diamond symbolizes his eternal

love; a physical reminder that she carries with her. 



When selling a diamond, you can also reassure the man that he i s buying a bit of security for himself as well. A man can feel secure knowing that anywhere he goes diamonds have value. House and stock values fluctuate, but gold and diamonds have always had real tangible value the world over. They are a secure purchase lasting for generations. 


Jewelers are told we need to sell EMOTION.



We are told we are not in the jewelry business as much as we are in the love business. The dilemma is that the word 'love' is over used! People love a cup of coffee or love pair of shoes. 



How can we sell LOVE when the word love has lost so much meaning? 



On the other hand, if we sell security,  we offer something very powerful that is less abundant. When showing a diamond, remind the guy how meaningful this purchase is to her. How every time his woman looks at her hand (which is about a million times a day), she will feel secure. In every sense of the word this diamond will be her rock.




People might think that selling jewelry seems frivolous when there is cancer, war, and hunger in this world, but really it's just the opposite. In this chaotic world we could all use more stability.