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an error many of us selling jewelry make is  the assumption a customer can't afford something, or it would be irresponsible of them to buy it. If your staff can't imagine themselves owning the items they sell, then it will be hard for them to sell those expensive items to customers. The reason you are not selling more big items is because in the back of your mind you think you can't, or you would not spend $10,000 on a bracelet so you don't see how others can.


Yes $6000 might seem like a lot now, but over a life time? Over their children's life time? It's very little. $50 a year for the ring of her dreams, is much better than $20 a year for a ring she is just OK with. Yes it's expensive, but

the BEST always is.

Think of the time you bought that really nice belt, or toaster. It seemed like a lot of money at the time, but think how much use and enjoyment you have gotten out of it! In the long run quality saves you money.

Do NOT Assume.

My first big sale was to a 21 year old girl in dirty overalls who bought $8000 earrings. I know everyone here has stories like this. Even your friends might have an inheritance you don't know about. Always show the BIG diamonds 1st. You can always go smaller after that, but if you don't show the big jewelry you won't sell the big jewelry.


Jewelry is great!

What else can you wear for 100 years? People need art and beauty in their lives. Believe more in jewelry and diamonds and you will sell more. Did you know the diamond industry supports 10 million people around the world? It's easy to sell something when you believe in your proud