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You have heard the 4 C’s Cut, Clarity, Carat, and Color, but there is something more important.

The one “B”, Brilliance!


It’s the amount of bling, shine, presentation… It’s “the thing” that is the most important, yet the least discussed. You have to see it to know it.

The Brightness, Pattern, and Fire are the Brilliance Factors. How attractive is it? How does it show? You want your diamond to be bright, radiating, and lively.

Only by going to your local jeweler and seeing your diamond in person can you really get a sense of what it looks like. No website, photo, or video can give you the sense of what your diamond is really like.

How can you know your diamond’s personality if you haven’t met it in person!

But, there are a few more important details. The way your diamond is set, the way that it is displayed, and what it has around it will make a big difference to how it performs when you are out and about. Having a diamond that has good C’s is nice, but it is only one small step in how it will shine for the next hundred years. Work with a knowledgable jeweler who will help you put together the right diamond and complementary setting that will wow from across the room .