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Teepees to Treehouses: Honeymoon Glamping


The buzz word of the moment is glamping and if you haven’t thought of glamorous  camping for your honeymoon then we are here to tempt you with luxe RVs, wilderness resorts, and cabins that will have you trading in your passport needing, far off country, destinations for a good ole US of A retreat. 

We’ve complied a list of sites that help you find and reserve your next excursion within the region and budget you want.  The only hard part about the reservation is deciding what amazing adventure you want to experience!

If you want to keep it local (Michigan for our other readers out there) then check out this upcoming option. 


5.) Bella Solviva — not yet open but a place to watch! 

Will glamping be your honeymoon of choice? Tell us in the comments!