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'Tis the season to be in love. And, Siegel Jewelers just so happens to be the epicenter of all things romance, especially during the holidays. That said who better to turn to for style insights than some of our favorite couples? I asked the most adorable pairs in the store all to share some of their best pictures displaying their favorite holiday frocks, ins and outs of gift-giving) along with their thoughts on why this time of year is the best. See, love actually is all around.

CJ and Jason

-What are some of the best and/or worst parts about being in a relationship during the holidays?

CJ: "The best is having an extended family but at the same time we have to make everyone happy so we end up eating three different dinners on holidays and probably gaining more weight than people that only have one family to satisfy, haha!"

-What's the most embarrassing anecdote from holidays past?

CJ: "It's no surprise that I am extremely awkward so when passing large dishes it's a little bit harder for me. I literally spill the beans out when holiday dinner."

-What song describes your relationship?

CJ: "There's no one song in particular. I would say any song we can rap too. We love to be goofy."

Jan and Jim

-How did you meet?

Jan: "Jim and I met many years ago in our Catholic Central High School study hall. WE reconnected at our 50th Class Reunion. Jim was living in Montana and Jan was in Caledonia, MI. Married four years later!"

-If you could give your significant other anything what would it be?

Jim: "I would give her anything she wished for."

Jan: "I would give him anything he wished for."

What are your favorite holiday foods and drinks?

Jim: "Most foods and drinks during the favorites."

Jan: "Christmas Eve is my favorite. My familiy's Christmas tradition is Breakfast for Dinner where I make a yummy egg strata served with mushroom sauce, Jim's best ever bacon, hash browns, Swedish/Irish rice pudding, fresh fruit, sweet rolls and Harvey Wallbanger cake. Mimosas, Bloody Marys and Irish Coffees are also enjoyed!"

Miranda and Adam

What is your favorite holiday food/drink? 

Miranda: “Cider, it is warm and comforting like a blanket.”

-What holiday song best describes your relationship?

Miranda: “All I Want For Christmas Is You. It reminds me of my favorite holiday movie, Love Actually.  Also, my husband and I celebrate the holidays without buying each other gifts because it makes the memories and time spent together more special.

-Describe your holiday in 3 words.

“Comforting, meaningful, & rejuvenating.”