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During Prohibition, a celebratory cocktail was about as big a status symbol as anything you could wear. Balancing a Tuxedo No. 2 or a Mint Julep between your fingers and making sure that everyone noticed your illicit beverage was just second to the lavish accessories adorned the fingers, necks, heads, and wrists of their owners. Just short of wearing a laser on each hand (which technically wasn't possible yet until the 1960's), women of the era looked to bigger-than-life accessories to complement their glasses. One in particular, the ever-customary cocktail ring was given this name out of this idea and, like every trend born from demanding attention and instant glamour, cocktail rings and other statement pieces make a come-back each holiday season.


The accessory's history and impressive, "Where'd you get that?" allure, makes it absolutely necessary to break one out as you're knocking 'em back this holiday season. Wear them to the cocktail parties, of course, but I think the piece is cool enough that it doesn't have to be saved for special occasions. It looks just as good with cardigan sweaters and boyfriend jeans while sipping happy hour beer as it does with little black dresses and  swizzle sticks. That said, raise your glass (or tumbler, or flask or cardboard coffee cup) to the best statement pieces of  the season and be sure to #sjstylechallenge or email me at with your go-to statement pieces and their respective outfits. One of our favorite statement piece lines at Siegel Jewelers? Our Andrew Hamilton Crawford line shown below. Happy styling!