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Winter white is one of those fashion tropes that sounds theory. For some, white is an intimidating color. The mere thought of wearing it head-to-toe is reason enough to slip into an all-black uniform, your winter MO. (I speak from experience when I say being clumsy comes by nature sriracha, coffee, and red wine is the moth to my outfit's flame.) But, this is the season of second chances. Whites can service appropriately for a casual stroll downtown, weekend brunch, or even a fancy get-together. Personally, I can't think of a color more refreshing than white to brighten up the darkest of the year. 

From dove, to ecru, to natural, there are many monochromatic ways to wear white thoughtfully throughout the remaining winter months. Even if you can't commit to the entire look just yet, grab a few colorful accessories to help you ease into it with confidence... sans stains. My go colors are gold, silver, and dark red. Sick of these drab winter days and want to create an eye catching neutral look? #sjstylechallenge with your best ideas. Happy styling!