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Tis the season of wearing layers. We're wearing them on our commute to work to keep warm only to make a total transformation once we get to the office. Truly it is the midwestern way. While the instinct to wear tons of clothes is a natural reaction to the weather, expert layering is way easier said than done. And, quite frankly, a lot of layering tactics only SOUND good in theory. I think we can all remember the last time we thought "just pile on the clothes and mix all the patterns I want, everyone else will be doing the same thing", but in reality it can quickly lead to sloppy, bulky puff human. Don't be that person. 

Been there bro...

Been there bro...

Here are a few ideas to get your gears rolling when choosing your outfits this week

-Super-ladylike items, like velvet textiles, mixed with menswear-inspired pieces. 

-A tucked-in top with a pleated skirt with a cardigan is proper and professional. But if you're feeling extra sassy, bust but a leather jacket to add a chic edge-a great look for day or night.

-Sales associate and event aficionado, Adibe shows us how it's done...

Be sure to #sjstylechallenge with your winter-friendly frocks and as always, happy styling!