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Look outside the window. Do you want to go out there? Neither do I especially now 6 more weeks of winter have been expected (thanks a lot Phil!)  It's cold, wet, slippery, and dark. The rare 40-degree day just serves as a reminder of how far we have to go until May. While I may not be able to break Mother Nature's dreary spell quite yet, there is one color that can lift our spirits and get us actually excited to head out into the winter wonderland: a pop of purple!

I speak from experience when I saw that there’s a strong correlation between wearing a killer color and a stellar mood. If it’s going for a bold all over look or peeking a hint of color with an amethyst tone, there truly is no wrong. Serving as February’s gemstone, amethyst is the perfect color to play up during these dreary days. How will you incorporate this truly bold and brilliant color in your wardrobe this week? #sjstylechallenge to show me your spin on this traditionally royal color!