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What does it mean to get your jewelry appraised and why is it important?

Gemologist, Joel Siegel can answer your questions and more during our free* Appraisal Days happening January 28th, 29th and 30th! Come in to have a specialist take a look at how much your jewelry box is worth, and how you can make your jewelry box worth more if you trade in. 

How is an appraisal done?

Joel will share in detail the basics of how he begins appraising your jewelry. This gives you a good idea of what items you'll want to bring into Siegel Jewelers. Walk-in's for free appraisals* are Monday through Friday, 10am until 4pm. We can provide paperwork for insurance purposes for an appropriate fee (starting at $50). The benefit of getting your jewelry appraised at Siegel Jewelers is on the spot quotes from qualified AGS specialist Joel Siegel, without having to send out your precious treasures. 

*Appraisals to sell, trade-in, or out of curiosity are free of charge. Appraisals for insurance purposes (or division of property) start at $50.