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True Story:  by Amanda Gilbert 

A girl comes into the store just a couple weeks ago and asked me to check if her necklace had real gem stones in it. I went in the back to talk to our in-store Jewelers who have been working with jewelry for over 30 years. They confirmed with me that the diamonds and sapphires were indeed real on the necklace, as well as the chain being 14kt gold.  Repeating to the customer what was said to me, I was confused with the look she had on her face.  She asked me again, “Are you sure these are real?” - I again told her that our jewelers have been working with diamonds for years and I can guarantee they know diamonds.  Just then she began to shake and almost had tears in her eyes.

“Really?” She shouted with a squell! I just purchased this necklace at Plato’s closet for $3. “How much do you think this is worth?” she asked. So I got another employee to give her an estimate and they said about $1,500. “If you want a better estimate and know how much it would be to trade in for cash, you should come in the store any time between 9am till 4pm Monday through Friday to get a free appraisal!” I explained to her. With a huge smile on her face and said she would be back in sometime next week!