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Diamonds Are

Part of our Culture

When people like these are

willing to get the mere image of a diamond tattooed on their bodies, then you know our culture loves diamonds.





Not just for weddings


We have it easy. Thousands of companies have to create a DEMAND for their product. We are so lucky. We are selling something that people already want!!! If you ever doubted you were in the right business, just look at popular culture around you..... 





Diamonds in Pop Culture


*Pop singer Rihanna has had 12 number one billboard hits, including her smash hit song called "Diamonds"  pictured above.


*Diamond supply company is a hot clothing brand celebrating diamonds on all of their clothing. Their "Diamond Tiffany" shoe was the hottest sneaker in 2005.


*You can find diamond contact lenses, diamond hand cream, and diamond nail polish. Diamond is also in the name of hundreds of companies from dry cleaners to child care, showing that a diamond is a desirable thing.