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What Happens when you Lick a Diamond?

 What Happens when you

Lick a Diamond?



If you put a diamond on your tongue,

 your tongue will start to get cooler! This happens 

because diamonds are great conductors of heat. 

Your tongue feels cool because the diamond

 is drawling heat out of your tongue.



5 Reasons a Jeweler is the Best person to Buy your Jewelry!

5 Reasons a Jeweler is the Best person to Buy your Jewelry!

Jewelers know more.  

A jeweler knows what you have and what its worth. Other buyers need to offer you lower because they are taking more risk. Since they are taking less risk the can offer you more.

A Jeweler can offer you more because they have

the most outlets to sell it. 

A Jeweler Must be Trust Worthy. 

A jeweler's lively hood relies on trust. They are least likely to take advantage of you because they have the most to loose. They are easy to find if anything goes wrong.

Jewelers offer options!  

They could consign it or send it to auction. It will help you as a seller to have options

Shop Local. 

Since chain stores do not buy diamonds, the money will stay in your community, helping jobs and your local econom



price does not matter, its the story

Why do people think your competition has lower prices? People think other jewelers are cheaper, because they tell a better Story. As strange as it sounds, the price of your diamond does not matter! Shoppers may tell you they saw a cheaper diamond somewhere else, but the more likely truth is that they are not sure what they saw. Even two 1ct GIA G Si1s can sell for thousands of dollars different. How can the customer's compare? Don't be fooled. Most customers really don't understand what a diamond costs. They just think the other jeweler is cheaper because that jeweler had a better story. To win the sale, you don't need to be cheaper, just be the better story teller

A recent studyby Anne Bowers ubluished in JCK proves that people pay different prices for the SAME ITEM based ONLY on the story!  She ran this experiment. She listed 3 rings for sale. The listings were identical except for one thing.....the story. In one she said: she was selling the ring because she got divorced. Another said: she was selling the ring because she worked with her hands. The third said: I'm a jewelry store and we have excess inventory.

On average, with the ring from

the store, people were willing to pay about $820. The one with the "hands" got $780. The ring from the divorce got $557.

That's a huge discrepancy! Same ring, same diamonds, but what people REALLY BUY


is the story.

What is your value story?



The best way to tell a Natural Diamond from A Synthetic

Did you know Synthetic Diamonds do NOT show Blue Fluorescence??That's how you know yours is a natural diamond! I have always loved Fluorescence, now it will finally get the love it deserves. With so many synthetic's on the market, just watch in a few years, they will be selling at a premium




Diamonds are Cool

Diamonds Are

Part of our Culture

When people like these are

willing to get the mere image of a diamond tattooed on their bodies, then you know our culture loves diamonds.





Not just for weddings


We have it easy. Thousands of companies have to create a DEMAND for their product. We are so lucky. We are selling something that people already want!!! If you ever doubted you were in the right business, just look at popular culture around you..... 





Diamonds in Pop Culture


*Pop singer Rihanna has had 12 number one billboard hits, including her smash hit song called "Diamonds"  pictured above.


*Diamond supply company is a hot clothing brand celebrating diamonds on all of their clothing. Their "Diamond Tiffany" shoe was the hottest sneaker in 2005.


*You can find diamond contact lenses, diamond hand cream, and diamond nail polish. Diamond is also in the name of hundreds of companies from dry cleaners to child care, showing that a diamond is a desirable thing.




Why are the best watches Swiss?






In 1541 the 

Protestant Reformation movement was exploding in Switzerland, lead by John Calvin. John limited luxuries including jewelry. What we're jewelers to do!? Jewelers

decided to add jewels to watches because watches were considered a necessity not a luxury. These jeweled watches

became very popular and for the next 400 years Switzerland became known for watches. 

Today Switzerland produces 95% of all watches over $1000. Having a SWISS watch adds value!


This story was told on my favorite marketing program. "The age of persuasion" By terry O'Reilly" check him out here. He is




Hidden Treasures!

Don't miss out on a knowing the worth of your jewelry! You may just find a quality piece in the most unlikely place.... 

True Story:  by Amanda Gilbert 

A girl comes into the store just a couple weeks ago and asked me to check if her necklace had real gem stones in it. I went in the back to talk to our in-store Jewelers who have been working with jewelry for over 30 years. They confirmed with me that the diamonds and sapphires were indeed real on the necklace, as well as the chain being 14kt gold.  Repeating to the customer what was said to me, I was confused with the look she had on her face.  She asked me again, “Are you sure these are real?” - I again told her that our jewelers have been working with diamonds for years and I can guarantee they know diamonds.  Just then she began to shake and almost had tears in her eyes.

“Really?” She shouted with a squell! I just purchased this necklace at Plato’s closet for $3. “How much do you think this is worth?” she asked. So I got another employee to give her an estimate and they said about $1,500. “If you want a better estimate and know how much it would be to trade in for cash, you should come in the store any time between 9am till 4pm Monday through Friday to get a free appraisal!” I explained to her. With a huge smile on her face and said she would be back in sometime next week!




Jewelry Appraisal Days

What does it mean to get your jewelry appraised and why is it important?

Gemologist, Joel Siegel can answer your questions and more during our free* Appraisal Days happening January 28th, 29th and 30th! Come in to have a specialist take a look at how much your jewelry box is worth, and how you can make your jewelry box worth more if you trade in. 

How is an appraisal done?

Joel will share in detail the basics of how he begins appraising your jewelry. This gives you a good idea of what items you'll want to bring into Siegel Jewelers. Walk-in's for free appraisals* are Monday through Friday, 10am until 4pm. We can provide paperwork for insurance purposes for an appropriate fee (starting at $50). The benefit of getting your jewelry appraised at Siegel Jewelers is on the spot quotes from qualified AGS specialist Joel Siegel, without having to send out your precious treasures. 

*Appraisals to sell, trade-in, or out of curiosity are free of charge. Appraisals for insurance purposes (or division of property) start at $50. 



"The Face of Siegel Jewelers 2016" Unveiling

The time has come to announce "The Face of Siegel Jewelers for 2016! 

The decision was a hard one for our panel of 5 judges (2 representatives of Siegel Jewelers and 3 members of the Grand Rapids community). The Top 3 were judged on personality, knowledge of Siegel Jewelers, knowledge of jewelry trends, ways they would market Siegel Jewelers, how committed they are to the community, beauty, and more. Ultimately, we were looking for someone that would represent Siegel Jewelers at events, in-store, and through the media. The winner receives $200/month in jewelry allowance, ability to borrow jewelry for events, photos on social media/print ads, and more. 

Without further ado, introducing the 2016 "Face of Siegel Jewelers.....

Photo credit: Tim Priest 

Photo credit: Tim Priest 


Maria Erazo! 

Maria is a passionate, outgoing, and beautiful woman. She has published 2 books, owns her own business, and is a pillar in the community. We chose Maria because she could relate to the hardships and successes of operating a family owned business. Similar to Joseph Siegel, the founder of Siegel Jewelers, Maria came to America at a young age aspiring to live the American Dream. With hard work and perseverance, Maria has become successful in her own career and personal life. We are excited to see how Maria will market Siegel Jewelers and how we, as a team, can impact the community. 

Liv and Jenna...These ladies are truly exceptional women! By being in the Top 3, they've won a monthly allowance from Siegel Jewelers to purchase jewelry and will be used in additional photo shoots throughout the year. 

Photo credit: Tim Priest 

Photo credit: Tim Priest 

Liv Jackson 

Liv is a student at Kendall College for Fashion and has quite the modeling resume. Not only does Liv look like a beauty queen, but she is a princess on the weekends (playing Belle or Queen Elsa for children's birthday parties). Liv gives her all to help her community and has an extremely sweet demeanor. She is engaging and photo ready; two major reasons we believe she that has a fashion career in her future. Siegel Jewelers is excited to have Liv on our modeling list for future shoots!

Photo credit: Tim Priest 

Photo credit: Tim Priest 

Jenna Coller 

Jenna is a woman with a heart of gold! Just in the last two years, Jenna and her husband decided to start a non traditional Christian church, Unveiled Church GR; to reach those who are seeking spiritual growth in the city of Grand Rapids. She is working to make a statement in the city through her ministry work and future goals of starting a non-profit. Jenna also works full time at Ruth Chris Steakhouse, Amway and the Lumber Baron downtown. We are excited and privileged to have Jenna on our modeling list for future shoots !

Thank you to the public for an amazing "Face of Siegel Jewelers" competition! More photos from the Top 3 Shoot will be available through Facebook this weekend. 

If you would like to be contacted for "The Face of Siegel Jewelers" 2017, please fill out the form below: 

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