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The trick is not the card, it's HOW you give it out. Marketing master Jim Ackerman talks about how to make gift cards work for you.


THE IDEA - Jim helped a jeweler go into fancy hair salons, car dealerships, golf stores, and other high end businesses and ASKED THEM TO INCLUDE THE JEWELER'S $100 GIFT CARD WITH THEIR CHRISTMAS CARD. The businesses were sending Christmas cards anyway so it cost them nothing, it saved he jeweler postage, it got their card to a WHOLE NEW LIST OF AFFLUENT PEOPLE and it made it look MUCH more like a gift than a promotion. BRILLIANT!


 You don't need to wait till December. You can co-op with other affluent stores now and ask that they give your gift card to deserving customers. 


Jewelers are often scared of giving away a strait gift card for say $50. They are afraid everyone will just buy $50 of items and they loose $25 at cost. But isn't it worth $25 to get NEW POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS in your store? Jewelers who have tried this say customers did spend more than $50 and it was profitable. You can't win if you don't play, and you can't win BIG if you don't play big.



Prices for vintage jewelry have soared 80 percent

Prices for vintage jewelry have soared 80 percent over the past 10 years, Rapaport News reports.

In fact, many people in possession of such jewelry have no idea of the true value of their items, according to the website, which cites a new report from Bonhams auction house in the United Kingdom.

Pieces that have climbed the most in value include those from the Belle Epoque era, which lasted from 1890 to 1915. Art Deco jewelry has also increased steeply in value.

Prices get a boost when the item carries the mark of a famous brand such as Cartier. And sometimes those marks are hard to spot on older jewelry.

Emily Barber, department director of Bonhams London, was quoted saying: "To find an original, intact, surviving jewel from a particular period in history, with the added bonus that it was made by a master jeweler, makes it an incredibly rare and valuable work of art."



Size matters

I wear jewelry every day and i only get asked one question. How BIG is it! for those guys who want a perfect smaller diamond, keep in mind, she probably wants size, and she is the one wearing it after all. bigger is better in diamonds


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Why are imperfect diamonds perfect ?

*They let you know it’s Yours! Like a Birthmark.                                                          *It Let’s you know Your diamond is REAL                                                                    *It gives it Personality & Character                                     *What is Really perfect in this world anyways?                                                                                    *How boring is a VS? yawn

The fact that the diamond has imperfections is what makes it perfect!! Did you know that native Americas used to create one irregularity in each bead. Then it was perfect. Things in nature have character, variations. It is these imperfections that make it perfect!  




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45 is the new 25


The problem with most retail stores is they conduct business like it is 90’s. Times are changing
very fast. You need to change too.  Take a picture of the ring and text it to the customer. We try not to ask what she might like, and instead we go to her Facebook page or her Pinterest page to see what she likes.

45 IS THE NEW 25! We are living through the youthification of society. 45 year old women are acting like their 25 year old daughters. Taking selfies, tweeting. More women rather have a Pandora bracelet than a Diamond Tennis bracelet. The fastest growing segment of users on Facebook is 45 to 65 years old. Older people are acting like younger people more than ever before. This effects how we treat customers.


Teepees to Treehouses: Honeymoon Glamping


Teepees to Treehouses: Honeymoon Glamping


Teepees to Treehouses: Honeymoon Glamping


The buzz word of the moment is glamping and if you haven’t thought of glamorous  camping for your honeymoon then we are here to tempt you with luxe RVs, wilderness resorts, and cabins that will have you trading in your passport needing, far off country, destinations for a good ole US of A retreat. 

We’ve complied a list of sites that help you find and reserve your next excursion within the region and budget you want.  The only hard part about the reservation is deciding what amazing adventure you want to experience!

If you want to keep it local (Michigan for our other readers out there) then check out this upcoming option. 


5.) Bella Solviva — not yet open but a place to watch! 

Will glamping be your honeymoon of choice? Tell us in the comments! 



Win a $100 Giftcard to Siegel Jewelers!

Enter to win a $100 Giftcard to Siegel Jewelers! It's simple, just tell us your proposal story or how you met, and you will be entered to win a giftcard. Everyone that submits a story will win a prize. The winning story will be chosen by the Siegel Jewelers staff. Winners will be notified through their contact info submitted below by 9.1.15. Check back to this blog post after 9.1.15 to view winning names. 

Prizes: Grand -- $100 Giftcard | Second -- $50 Giftcard | Every that submits will receive a $25 giftcard to Siegel Jewelers (not to be used with any other offers). 

Submit your story below: 

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Why every woman should do a boudoir shoot...

... and how to prepare for one. 

By Elise KuttModBettie


I've been shooting portraits for ten years now and the most repeated sentence in my experience as a photographer has been, "I'm just not photogenic." It's been a year and half since opening my Grand Rapids studio specializing in Female Portraiture and I don't see that statement going out of date anytime soon. But what I have come to realize is that it's absolutely untrue. There is not a single woman out there that can't be photographed in a way that makes them feel relaxed and beautiful. But not every photographer knows what it takes to do so. Connection. It's absolutely 100% about connection and it's our job as professional photographers to bring that out in our clients. The portraits that are the most captivating are the ones that capture the soul of their subject, the ones you can't help but stare at without really even knowing why! 


All that being said, the first advice I can give you when preparing for a Boudoir Photoshoot is to: 

1. Research your Photographer. Spend time reviewing their images, notice the different styles of retouching, lighting and posing to find the one that best fits your taste. Portraits are a big investment and you are trusting a perfect stranger with the most intimate and vulnerable aspects of yourself. Don't just go with the cheapest option, you will get cheap results and it won't feel good. Trust me, you WILL want to look back at your images some day just to remember how hot you were. ;) 

2. Schedule a pre-shoot consultation. This is HUGE and a significant step in establishing trust and a connection with your photographer. Ask to see the studio, view more images, talk about your husband and kids. It could last 30 minutes, or if you've really made a connection as long as an hour! (This is a great sign that they are the one for you!) 

3. Make sure to choose one that offers hair and makeup and if they don't, make sure to book your own prior to your shoot. The best way to go into such a naturally nerve wracking experience is to do so looking and feeling your best. Heck, make a day of it, a completely pampered day all about YOU! (When's the last time you did that?!)

4. Always bring more outfits then you are told. Your photographer (and stylist, depending on the studio.) will help you decide what will work best with the design of each studio set. 

5. Lastly remember, you will get just as much out of it as you put into it. Spend some time shopping for something fabulous and unique to wear. Take the time to email back and forth with your photographer to discuss wardrobe, sets and concepts to get the most out of your experience and investment. 


Ten Reasons to Book your Mod Bettie Portrait Session

1. You’ve wanted to do something special for yourself lately.  Something different.
2. You’d like to have a picture of you that reflects your inner beauty and femininity.
       A picture without a stiff, forced smile.
3. You’ve been working so hard taking care of everyone around you.
       You deserve a day of pampering and beauty.
4. You can’t remember the last time you felt AND looked beautiful.
5. You need a little help finding your confidence and femininity again.
6. You want a reason to wear a new dress.
7.  You want a reason to rock a new hairstyle.
8.  You’ve always wondered what it would feel like to be a model for a day.  
9.    You need to let loose.  Laugh.  Be yourself.  And get it in pictures so that you can have a reminder that you are beautiful as who you are right NOW. 
10.    You are looking for a unique gift for someone special.  Something beautiful and classy.


Need more information then feel free to submit the form below or view ModBette's site

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Summer is Wedding Season

Outdoor Summer Wedding Tips

Whether or not the weather will impact your wedding, it is a good idea to be prepared for anything. That means keeping track of all the details to ensure the best day of your life is picture perfect!

1. Beat the heat

In the middle of the summer, it is quite possible the sun is out and beaming, which may seem wonderful, however, if your guests are uncomfortable in the sun that’s not so wonderful.

  • Offer fans or parasols to give your guests a breeze when needed and to block out the sun.

  • Hand out sunglasses to allow guests to enjoy the ceremony--squint free.

  • Provide refreshments to quench guest’s summer day thirsts.

  • Consider seat covers if it is a hot day to avoid guests burning their bums.

2. Look and feel summer fab

Obviously the main attraction is you. That is why it is important to take care of yourself before the big day so that you are not caught in a sticky—or should we say—sweaty situation.

  • Don’t forget deodorant and it would not hurt to pack an extra travel-sized deodorant to apply before and after the ceremony.

  • Wear your hair light in an up-do or down and loose. This way it won’t get in the way, will allow you to stay cooled off, and you won’t end up with a frizzy do.

  • Rethink bright colors for you and for the bridal party. Flashy colors--along with flowers--can attract insects that would be bothersome.

3. Be fresh food ready

Lastly, you want to be sure that your food is equipped for weather conditions and you won’t end up with a melted mess on your hands.

  • Fondant cake is a good idea. Some frostings melt but fondant cake will stay intact for a long time.

  • Refrigerated food is not a good idea. Enough said.

  • Remember ice and then, remember more ice. This could be the difference between keeping your food fresh and wasting money on food that could have been kept fresh if you had more ice. 

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Presenting: Spring 2016 Bridal Trends

New York Bridal Week, which showcases spring 2016 trends, is a much anticipated event for fashion forward brides-to-be and this year’s gown picks has everyone whispering, “Look, how beautiful”!

An alluring blend of new age and old age were featured at the week-long event. This includes all gowns sophisticated, fun, sexy, and classic. There is definitely an option for any type of bride out there.

Sophistication came in the form of bridal pantsuits this year. Surprise! Yes, pantsuits are the newest form of chic that will be competing with the all-out ball gowns. Make room, ladies!                                                

Fun gowns that could be suitable for a princess bride included floral patterns, feathered skirting, and lace. These gowns made a lovely statement and will be the ones to soften the hearts.

Sexy dresses were all the rage at Bridal Week as well. Plunging necklines, low backs--and even crop tops--were among the hottest trends. Elegance meets edgy with these dresses. They will wow everyone in the room!

Classic gowns—ah, yes—always a crowd favorite. The classic trend came in the form of high necklines and Victorian fashion this year. Any charming bride to model these traditional dresses is sure to be treated like royalty--as every bride should be.